Where do you go to begin to feel empowered as a survivor of sexual assault or domestic violence? In our community, you can find that strength at Centre Safe (formerly Centre County Women’s Resource Center).

“We’re trying to help people to not only survive but to thrive after the immediate crisis is over,” said Jeff Landers-Nolan, sexual assault counselor/therapist at Centre Safe. “The impact of trauma leaves marks on people, emotionally and psychologically speaking. Our ability to have therapy within the context of a shelter really allows us to provide holistic help to survivors.”

Recipient of a grant provided by the Counseling Service Fund, Centre Safe has more than doubled their capacity for therapy. Not only does Centre Safe provide therapy services for people in the shelter, but they also support people out in the community.

Additional vital services for survivors have been provided through grants that support the work of Housing Transitions, Bridge of Hope, Hearts for Homeless, and Out of the Cold.


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