Impact Stories

Home Is Where the Art Is

Snoopy, Garfield, and Bugs Bunny were just some of the cartoon characters that Lori Fisher would meticulously draw as a kid. “As I got older, my cartoon characters became still-life, portraits, and other images that piqued my interest at the time,” says Lori. Today, Lori continues to pursue her passion...
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Discovering What’s Important

For many children, summer vacations at the beach consist of building sandcastles and splashing in the waves. For Michele Crowl, Executive Director of Discovery Space, one childhood vacation sparked deeper... Read More >

Empowering Survivors

Where do you go to begin to feel empowered as a survivor of sexual assault or domestic violence? In our community, you can find that strength at Centre Safe (formerly... Read More >

The Joy of Music

How do you encourage the inspiration and love of music in a young musician’s life?  For brothers Gus and Huck Tritsch, ages 15 and 12, along with 75 other local... Read More >

Coffee & Inclusion

What is the power of being employed in your community? For Matt Porter, one of Good Day Café’s most enthusiastic employees, having a job is a great new opportunity. “Working... Read More >

Art Surrounds Us

Who benefits from the availability of public art? The answer is all of us! Natalie Edwards and her six children participated in An Imagination Celebration, a program of the Bellefonte... Read More >

No Place Like Home

If you visited your doctor recently, you may have been given an unusual prescription – for going outside. That is because spending time outside is just plain good for you,... Read More >