Granting Programs
We support organizations that are working to create a better future for Centre County by providing them with grants and training throughout the year.

Grant opportunities include recurring annual grants from endowed funds, donor-led participatory granting programs like Centre Gives and Giving Circle, competitive grants through Field-of-Interest funds, innovative grants through Centre Inspires, and scholarship funds. Training opportunities include sessions tailored to Centre Gives and to Centre Inspires, as well as various individual trainings requested by the organizations we serve.

Centre Inspires
Centre Inspires supports innovative projects benefiting Centre County residents.
Centre Gives
Centre Gives encourages event-based giving and community involvement.
Giving Circle Grants
Giving Circle Grants are chosen collectively by Giving Circle members to benefit a compelling cause.
Field of Interest Grants
Field of Interest Grants support projects in a variety of fields of interest as designated by certain endowed funds.
Centre PACT Grants
Centre PACT Grants are chosen by Centre Foundation’s high school philanthropy program, Centre PACT (Philanthropic Actions Created by Teens).
Scholarships are available for students in all Centre County school districts, students from certain school districts outside of Centre County, current college students, and returning adult students.
Grants from Designated Funds
Grants from Designated Funds are recurring annual grants from our endowed Designated Funds to specific organizations.
Annual Grantees
Annual Grantees include nonprofits, schools, churches, and governmental organizations.
Supporting Nonprofits
We support nonprofits through more than just grants. We also offer trainings, educational opportunities, use of Foundation facilities, advice on accepting gifts, and community-wide events such as Centre Gives.
COVID-19 ACTION Fund Grants
Funding from the COVID-19 ACTION (Activating Contributions to Invest in Operations of Nonprofits ) Fund will provide three phases of operational and programmatic support to local nonprofits amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
"We chose to create our fund at Centre Foundation because it is an integral part of our community."
Dorothy and Paul Rigby

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