In April, Centre Foundation in conjunction with the Knight Foundation responded to the Coronavirus pandemic by establishing the Centre Foundation COVID-19 ACTION (Activating Contributions to Invest in Operations of Nonprofits) Fund. The fund was seeded with $125,000 from Centre Foundation’s Community Impact Fund, and grown by a generous gift of $250,000 from the Knight Foundation Donor Advised Fund. It was earmarked to provide operational and programmatic support to local nonprofits amid the pandemic.

“Providing immediate support to impacted organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic was a service Centre Foundation and the Knight Foundation were grateful to provide. The additional donations from generous community members allowed us to do even more than we thought possible,” said Kate Bennett Truitt, Centre Foundation board member.

Phase I and II of the grant cycle issued over $250,000 to 55 local nonprofit organizations. The remaining funding will be granted through Phase III in 2021.

“Making the funding decisions was difficult with so many worthy proposals from community organizations, but we are confident that our decisions have had an impact throughout Centre County and have assisted our neighbors during this time of need. It was a true honor to participate in this effort,” Kate expanded.