How Centre Volunteers in Medicine is Addressing Accessibility

Sarah Ramos, Case Manager and Licensed Social Worker at CVIM, meets with patients and recognizes just how difficult it can be for those with hearing loss to access these important medical devices.

“It’s fulfilling a need mainly because hearing loss is a fairly common problem with the aging population. Most individuals I’ve talked to are on a fixed income, and hearing aids are very cost prohibitive,” said Sarah.

Over the years, CVIM has received grants from the William W. and Helen S. Litke Memorial Fund through the Field-of-Interest program, one of Centre Foundation’s competitive granting opportunities.

Because of this grant, CVIM provided 15 individuals with hearing aids in 2021, and so far in 2022, has served 8 individuals through their Hearing Aid Program.

“Standard Medicare doesn’t cover hearing aids. For the individuals I’ve spoken to, they wouldn’t have another way to get them, since they wouldn’t be able to afford them,” said Sarah.

Centre Foundation is proud to support organizations like CVIM who are helping to create a stronger, healthier Centre County for everyone.

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