Who benefits from the availability of public art? The answer is all of us! Natalie Edwards and her six children participated in An Imagination Celebration, a program of the Bellefonte Art Museum. “Our experience checked off so many boxes,” Natalie explained. “First, I loved that this amazing experience was available in our hometown. Second, my kids loved the fact they could contribute to the exhibits. Third, the exposure to the different mediums was fantastic. And finally, it was something that all of my kids enjoyed—from my 14-year-old to my three-year-old and everyone in between.”

Created to inspire the community through art and to celebrate the museum’s tenth anniversary, An Imagination Celebration was designed for everyone between the ages of 2 to 102. Funded by a grant from Centre Foundation’s Giving Circle, the program provided multi-age activities and displays throughout the months of June and July.

Other public art has been supported through grants awarded to the Art Alliance of Central PA, Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, and Rhoneymeade Arboretum & Sculpture Garden.


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