40 for 40 Campaign
40 Years, 40 Funds, and $1 Million to Shape Centre County's Future

Centre Foundation is celebrating our 40-year anniversary with a new 40 for 40 Campaign. For our 40-year celebration, we are offering a $1 million match to open new endowments that will support Centre County nonprofits. By opening a new endowment directly benefiting a local nonprofit, you will be investing in the future of our community. 

To qualify for the match, you must give the minimum gift of $10,000 to open a new endowment and designate an organization to benefit from your gift. Even if an organization has an endowment designated to them already, you can create a new one to support that organization. Individuals and organizations are both eligible to open their own endowments to benefit the nonprofit of their choice. We will match up to $25,000 for your new endowment, so your investment into our community will go further.

At Centre Foundation, our goal is to support more of our local nonprofits and open 40 or more new endowments to benefit these organizations. As a result, our $1 million match isn’t limited to the organizations that already benefit from endowments with us. For organizations without one, the minimum gift is $5,000, and we’ll still match up to $25,000. 

Our 40 for 40 Campaign focuses on three key essentials that showcase our commitment to Centre County and its community. 

Campaign Essentials

Celebrating Past Philanthropists

Over the past 40 years, Centre Foundation has been surrounded by donors and community members whose generosity has led to the creation of a more vibrant Centre County. By looking back, we want to celebrate their dedication and hard work.

Investing in Our Community’s Future

By opening a new endowment, you are investing in our community’s future. Each new endowment that is opened will benefit a local nonprofit, further its mission, and increase your community impact.

Matching Your Support

When you give, we give. Your commitment to our community matters and when you give, we will give back to support the organizations that are important to you.


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