By Kerry Tolton, Development and Stewardship Director

What inspires you? Maybe it is animal well-being, education, children, the environment, the arts, or something else! We all have something, or many somethings, that we really care about; something that we love to learn more about, get involved with and help make a difference in. In many ways, investing in your passion through philanthropy can allow you to reach those goals.

Centre Foundation offers several granting programs through which you can either contribute to an existing Fund or establish a new Fund and turn your passion into purpose. The benefit of working with a community foundation like Centre Foundation is that we are experts in philanthropy and charitable giving, we have a deep community knowledge, and offer highly personalized service.

All of our granting programs are vetted by our research. You can experience the joy of giving back while we manage all the details. Together, we can make a difference in our community through the power of collective philanthropy.

Field-of-Interest Funds are designed to support a particular cause, program, population, or geographic area, reflecting the passions or interest of the original donor. Organizations can apply grants to fund specific projects within a Field-of-Interest Fund.

Scholarship Funds with Centre Foundation reflect the passion for education. Students apply online through a competitive process and the Foundation coordinates with local schools and institutions to promote and manage the process.

Designated Grant Funds support specific organizations as outlined by the donor in the original fund agreement. The benefiting organizations then receive annual grant support for years to come.

Have questions? Reach out to Kerry Tolton, Development and Stewardship Director, for more information at or (814) 237-6229.